Student Cities In Australia

Student Cities In Australia
Australia is an excellent place for student to study as proven by the fact that it is among the most popular places to study abroad. The country is vast meaning it's important to choose a city which best suits your preferences so as you can take advantage of the surroundings during time off. The two most populated cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are dominated by universities.

There are a large number of universities in Sydney and the surrounding area, making it one of the most popular places for students in the country. The University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales are among the finest universities in Australia. The city has a cosmopolitan vibe to it, with people from all over the world setting up home here. Rent may be relatively high here, although many students opt to live in the suburbs where it is much cheaper. This generally means they may be some distance from their university, but there is an excellent subway system which makes travel fairly straightforward.

A benefit of choosing to do your studies in Sydney is the amount of activities on offer during your free time. There are the world renowned Bondi and Manly beaches where surfing is a popular pastime, famous attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and it is just a short trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains. In addition, sporting facilities are superb and nightlife around King's Cross and Darling Harbour is vibrant.

As with Sydney, Melbourne also has plenty of universities to choose from. Again like Sydney, rent can be high and many students often stay away from the central areas. However, it is regarded as having some of the best nightlife in Australia which always goes down well with students. The city centre has a fairly European flavour to it and there is even a tram network, as well as the subway, which operates in Melbourne. One thing to note when deciding about studying in Melbourne is that does experience quite a climate drop in the winter months, although the summer months are particularly hot and beaches like St Kilda usually extremely busy. Melbourne is also home to the highest ranked university in the country, the University of Melbourne, and the renowned Monash University.

Brisbane also has a few universities and, as the third-biggest city in Australia, is unsurprisingly popular among students. The best-ranked university in the city is the University of Brisbane. The city lies just south of the Tropic of Capricorn and therefore experience almost year-round warm weather. It is also on the beautiful Gold Coast so there are plenty of beaches to visit during your time off.

Canberra is home to Australia's second-highest ranked university, the Australian National University. There are also two other universities in the city. It is a popular student city and, as the country's capital, is home to the parliament buildings and a number of interesting museums. Canberra does have a vibrant student scene with several popular nightlife options, but what it doesn't have is a beach and the amount of attractions that the three aforementioned cities boast.