Costs Of Local Travel In Canada

Costs Of Local Travel In Canada
There are very good public transportation systems within all of Canada's major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. Single ride fares are reasonably priced for most forms of public transport such as light rail, ferries and buses. Taxis are also easy to find in the large cities, while taking the public bus remains the cheapest option anywhere in the country.

In Vancouver, there is an integrated mix of elevated light rail trains, sea ferries and buses that cover the entire city known as TransLink. Adult fares for a single trip anywhere in the city cost C$2.50, while trips to the suburbs run from C$3.75 to C$5.00. The DayPass is a great deal at just C$9.00 offering unlimited travel for one day.

Toronto also has a solid public transport network that combines street cars, subways, buses and light rail trains to cover this sprawling city. Fares are similar to those in Vancouver, though Toronto's system is rather notorious for getting delayed in daily rush hour traffic congestion. Buses and streetcars are particularly vulnerable to what is known as bunching, when several vehicles start to pile up behind each other.

Taxis in any Canadian city will not feel cheap, though they are easy to find and very safe. Driving is another option, but within the larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver the costs of parking and the headaches of daily traffic congestion may not make it worth the perceived sense of freedom and flexibility. Parking costs average C$2 and up per hour, or between C$15 and C$20 a day at a parking garage. Finding a spot on the street can be akin to a quest for the Holy Grail in the major cities.

Outside of Canada's urban hubs, the costs and ease of local travel is much better. The country's smaller cities may have a public bus system but little else. Fares for the bus are usually C$1 and can get you to the major destinations within a town. Taxis will only be available in larger towns.

This is why most people either own a car or rent one when visiting Canada if they plan to travel outside of the main cities. Canada's road system is fantastic, and rarely congested outside of the urban cores of places like Toronto. The cost of gas is not particularly cheap, averaging C$1.4 per litre (C$4 per gallon), but there really is no better option for people staying in small towns.