Canadian Careers In IT And The Internet

Canadian Careers In IT And The Internet
Canada may not spring to mind when we think of the internet and information technology (IT) development, but in fact it has a thriving IT industry that generates many jobs for Canadians. While software and applications development is not its strong suit, there are loads of jobs for people who can service and manage computer systems and networks.

The demand for skilled workers who can manage and repair computer systems is in such high demand right now that the country is importing experts to fill the void. Every major Canadian company has an internal team of network technicians that keep their computer and software systems running. But there are also jobs in the government sector and other areas like public utilities.

The more training and education you have the better the chances of landing a good job in this competitive field. A bachelor's degree may not be enough anymore unless you are content with running the software system of a small local business. Most applicants have a master's degree in computer science, programming, computer engineering or design. But the payoff is well worth the extra studying as most good jobs pay well over C$100,000 a year.

For design and product development you may have to look southwards at America. Canada is best for jobs in supporting roles such as computer software engineers, who work for large companies maintaining and developing their internal computer systems to keep up with the latest software and networking trends. Salaries of around C$84,000 are common with these positions.

Another in-demand job is the network administrator, who keeps all of a company's internal and external network systems up and running at all times. These internet experts must have a working knowledge of the latest programming languages and applications in order to keep their company in touch with the latest trends in the global IT scene. Salaries for network techs are about C$65,000 per year.

Database administrators also work with large firms keeping their vast databases of information organised and up to date. For some kinds of companies this is a vital position, so an expert knowledge of database systems and their management is crucial. Average salaries are around C$70,000 but can go up if you are managing a team of underlings.

The least glamorous IT jobs in Canada are also the easiest to find. Computer support technicians have the task of keeping a company's hardware and software in working order. Most large companies have an in-house team to do this, but there are also independent firms who hire IT tech specialists as consultants. Considered an entry-level position, these jobs are common in most cities and large towns and can earn around C$40,000 a year to start.