Canadian Careers In Accounting And Finance

Canadian Careers In Accounting And Finance
One job sector that never seems to peter out in Canada is accounting and finance. The outlook for jobs in these fields looks very promising in the next few years in Canada. With just a bachelor's degree from a related major of study it should not be difficult to find an opening in most major Canadian towns, even smaller ones.

The minimum requirement for jobs in accounting and finance is a bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting or finance. Increasingly, though, a master's degree is preferred as the applicant pool steadily grows with each passing year. There is a lot of potential for in-house promotion in this field, so even if you have to start off at an entry level position it's likely you can move up in the ranks within a couple of years.

There are many different jobs covered under the broad areas of finance and accounting. A bookkeeper, or accountant, is perhaps the easiest and most in-demand job in Canada. For this kind of work it's preferable to get a certificate in accounting practice as well as a degree. This allows you to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and will open many more doors to employment.

People interested in any kind of finance or bookkeeping job need to be very good with mathematics, well organised and have strong background skills in economics, statistics and business. Financial sector jobs are more involved with the stock markets and finding ways to use a company's cash resources to make more money and good investments.

Accountants: an accountant in Canada will keep track of the cash and credit accounts of a company by bookkeeping methods. They typically record the operations transactions and issue quarterly financial reports. Tax accountants focus more on payroll and annual tax filings for the company. The salaries for these types of accountant jobs in Canada start at C$36,000 at the entry level, but the average mid-level accountant makes C$64,000 a year.

Financial analysts: if you work in finance you will probably be part of a team finding ways to invest the company's money, and the job will probably be based in one of the larger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Canada's stock exchange, the TMX, may be one arena where you invest, but more likely it will be with the much larger Wall Street exchanges in the US. Analysts in Canada can earn between C$42,000 and C$135,000 per year.

Other important financial jobs in Canada include financial auditors, who review corporate operations to ensure they are within the purview of the law, and budget analysts, who keep the company's budget under control by monitoring cash spent and cash received. Both of these positions can earn on average around C$70,000 a year.