Legal Services And Costs In Canada

Legal Services And Costs In Canada
No matter what form of business you plan to open or invest in Canada the logistics, red tape and paperwork can be daunting if you are not familiar with the cultural and local government. This is a problem facing most emigrants to Canada, which is why the expense of hiring a lawyer can be well worth the seemingly high costs.

New businesses involve many kinds of registration, permits, licensing and taxation documents from all levels of government. Every license and registration application will involve some kind of fee, but the Canadian government has a useful website with everything laid out for you at:

The costs of getting your business registered in Canada mainly depend on the type and size of the business. For many small businesses it can be quite cheap to get all the paperwork completed. But if you are planning anything more complicated than a book shop such as an import or export business then it's suggested to speak with a lawyer who specialises in company law.

Canadian lawyers are no cheaper than anywhere else in the western world, but on the off chance you ever need one, they can more than prove their worth. Most attorney fees run from C$200 and up per hour. Pick a law firm that specialises in company law. If your company is large enough you'll develop a relationship with the firm to help you through each stage in the evolution of your business.

A company lawyer can also be helpful for small business owners trying to navigate the tide of government paperwork and necessities like Workers' Compensation Insurance and the like. Many company lawyers work with small business owners just to help them set everything up. This will certainly cost a few thousand dollars but it can allow you to focus on the business and leave the red tape to the experts.

Lawyers can also be very handy when learning the Canadian tax codes for sales and employee wages. There are also special tax deductions available for new businesses and certain types of businesses from the Canadian government that company tax lawyers are familiar with. A few solid tax deductions can easily pay for the lawyer's bills.

The Canadian government also has a program to help new business owners find financing. The Small Business Financing Program is designed to help local business owners find enough capital to get their idea off the ground. All kinds of different businesses are eligible to participate in the program, and more information can be seen at the official website: