Living The American Dream

Living The American Dream
The United States has such star power when it comes to the idea of finding a better life they even gave it a name: the American Dream. While this grandiose title was really quite accurate a century ago when the doors to immigration were wide open and the Land of Opportunity still had loads of prospects, today it’s considerably harder to achieve the American Dream but still possible.

Even if you never achieve the crown jewels of this dream such as home or business ownership or even a job you can be proud of, there is still a lot to be said for the American lifestyle. Nowhere else on earth is there such a diversity of cultures, ethnicities and ideologies than in the United States. This is a place where (for the most part) everyone can be exactly what they want to be.

For many emigrants this is the greatest allure of trying to move to America. There are dozens of massive cities strung across this country, each with its own unique character, climate and demographics. America is one of the easiest countries to move to because there is already an established community from your home nation in most US cities. Newcomers have support they can use to get started.

Overall, America is a Christian conservative society. But rigid opinions on things like abortion and homosexuality are balanced by a lively and unrestricted liberal voice who constantly argue for the personal rights to freedom inherent in the US Constitution. Sometimes this very freedom can be one of the hardest aspects of the American lifestyle to adjust to, but in the end Americans respect hard work, honesty and integrity. This is meritocracy, where work and ingenuity are rewarded with success and prosperity.

For the most part, Americans are laid back and open-minded. This is particularly true in the West Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington. If a fast pace business atmosphere is what you’re after, America has cities like New York and Chicago that can fulfill that need. In between are myriad shades of lifestyles, from rural farming in Kansas to the Cuban-flavoured zest of Miami.

For good or bad, Americans are fairly materialistic thanks to being constantly bombarded by a consumer-driven society. Everyone has a car, loves to drive it and tries to finds ways to purchase the newest toys and gadgets. Owning your own home is the ultimate goal of most Americans, about 67 per cent of whom have achieved that already. Of course, consumer debt and home mortgages are also a common burden for the majority of Americans so it often feels like nobody has much of a nest egg or savings stashed away.

But overall, American society is cohesive and united behind their love of country. From small towns to mega-city neighbourhoods, communities of local residents form easily and keep a busy schedule of events, sports and other special supportive activities. There are always new business opportunities and niches that need to be filled, and while the job market remains stubbornly tight these days there are always jobs for those willing to work hard.