Costs In Living In America

Costs In Living In America
The cost of living in the United States covers a wide spectrum, mainly dependent on lifestyle and location. The most popular and prosperous cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are also the most expensive to live, and can be three or four times more costly than a place like Detroit or Omaha. In general, however, it is possible to manage your budget, such that living in almost any town in America can be surprisingly affordable.

The most costly outlay no matter where you live in housing. Rents in America are quite high compared to developing nations, though can seem very reasonable if you’re coming from London or Singapore. On average, Americans shell out about 50 per cent of their net salary on housing costs, a shockingly large proportion when you think about it.

The cities with the most expensive rents are New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. California, New Jersey and Nevada are the top three most expensive states for renters, with a home in California averaging US$1,150 per month to rent. Of course, there are always cheaper rents available even in the hottest towns. But you will have to live in the rougher neighbourhoods.

This is why many Americans try hard to secure a home mortgage. With about 20 per cent down and a solid income, it’s possible to lower your monthly housing payments and eventually own that house outright. Next on the monthly budget comes food. This is one area where your money can stretch pretty far depending on how often you dine out. Fresh produce and meat is quite cheap at supermarkets, and a dearth of cheap fast food restaurants offers an option for budget dining out.

Clothing can cost a bit, but no more than in any other developed country. By shopping at hypermarkets like Walmart it’s possible to find a full wardrobe of clothing and shoes at very low prices if fashion brands are not a concern. Buying clothes off season is another clever way to save big on expensive brand name goods like winter parkas or boots.

Entertainment and toys (for adults and kids alike) round off the rest of the average American’s monthly outlay. With a movie ticket costing around US$7 (although upward to US$12 in major cities) and a drink at a bar US$4, a night out can easily add up. This is why many Americans love their public town parks, national parks and other outdoor recreation areas where they can enjoy their free time for free.

Overall, Americans are among the wealthiest people on earth and have enough disposable income to keep the local economy chugging along. The quality of life in the US is excellent and if you’re good at managing money you should be able to enjoy all the fruits this lively nation has to offer.