Production And Manufacturing Jobs In America

Production And Manufacturing Jobs In America
While America’s manufacturing sector is nothing compared to that of China, it is still a strong component of the American economy. Jobs are often easy to find if you are trained in the right kind of manufacturing required by that company. If you are coming to America with existing specialty training and experience you will have to research where the relevant companies are based and go to them to look for employment. The average salary for most skilled manufacturing jobs is US$49,000 per year.

If you have no training but wish to enter this ever-changing industry it is best to do some research and find out which sectors look likely to enjoy continued growth in the next decade. For example, the automotive industry was once one of America’s strongest sectors but now it has lost almost all of its position to Japan and South Korea. Jobs in US auto plants are hard to come by.

Machinery manufacturing accounts for around half of all US production jobs. These factories create all kinds of everyday products so there is always going to be a demand for people skilled in maintaining and operating the machinery used to manufacture products. Engineers can also find work designing new machinery for our ever-evolving world. A solid degree in engineering is required for any kind of technical work, although operating the equipment can be learned with a short training course at a vocational college.

Food manufacturing is another dependable sector of production in the US. From agriculture to meat products, much of America’s food comes in packaged or processed forms. Production workers operate the automated machinery that packages and processes this food, while quality control technicians make sure that every food product comes out safe for consumption. Getting trained in quality control requires only an associate’s degree.

Textile manufacturing isn’t quite the industry it used to be in the United States since most of these jobs have been moved to developing countries where the labour force is significantly cheaper. However, there is still a strong demand in the fashion industry for skilled seamstresses and in the furniture industry for those with woodworking skills.

One thing America still largely produces at home is medicine. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the strongest and best paying sectors in production and manufacturing. From chemists to nutritionists, there are many types of jobs in this arena. Production workers need to operate the machinery, and quality engineers must ensure the drugs are safe to use. These are all highly skilled jobs and the outlook is very strong for future job growth in this sector in the US.