Management Jobs In America

Management Jobs In America
One job sector that never seems to run out of steam in America is management. Wherever there’s a company there’s a need for people to manage it, and America has a lot of companies, so the work is always available for trained and experienced managers.

The great thing about a management job in the US is that it’s possible to find work in virtually every town in the country. Even if your management training is very specialised, such as hotel management, there are hotels in even the smallest towns of America. This allows you the rare opportunity to choose where you would prefer to live and let the job follow.

Of course, any management position in the US will require a solid background of experience and fluent English language skills. Depending on the type of business you want to manage you may need to have specific skills or experience in that sector, such as hospitality, food and beverage or sales. But overall, any management education and experience will open the door to any position in this field.

Management is one area where it’s possible to work your way up from an entry level position to a manager job. American companies like to promote their staff from within, so if you are intelligent, hard working and a team player it should not be hard to rise up the company ladder. Some education is necessary for this endeavour, however.

Most people get a degree in business administration then find a company they want to work for and begin the long process of working their way into a managerial position. A two-year associate’s degree is a good starting point for these jobs, although a four-year BA in business is even better.

Salaries range as much as the variety of managerial jobs available in the US. Some of them start out pretty low, around US$26,000 a year. But this is one field where you can expect regular pay raises and improved benefits as you continue to perform for the company year after year.

Managers are expected to work long hours and be on call, however, so if you want to succeed in this highly competitive arena be prepared to work hard in the beginning. America is a meritocracy, which rewards those who work hard and are clever, and weeds out the slackers.