Accounting And Finance Jobs In America

Accounting And Finance Jobs In America
The outlook for American jobs in the accounting and finance sector look very promising in the coming years. With a bachelor’s degree in these fields there is a good chance of finding work in most US cities in a variety of different jobs. This is one industry with a lot of potential for in-house promotion, so an entry-level position could turn to a managerial one within a few years.

A bachelor’s degree in finance or business administration is the minimum requirement to enter this field, though increasingly a master’s degree is preferred. Some positions in this field, such as accountants, may also need to have special certifications and licenses. People interested in a career in finance should have a strong interest in business, economics, statistics and a good command of math skills.

Accounting: accountants establish and keep track of a company’s accounts through book-keeping, recording operational transactions and issuing regular financial reports. Accountants in the US help with payroll and tax preparation as well. Salaries start at around US$37,000 for entry level jobs and move up to over US$100,000 for the top 10 percentile. On average, an accountant in the US earns about US$66,000 per year at large companies.

Tax: tax accountants have three main duties in America. They help companies adhere to government rules and guidelines, ensure company taxes are filed correctly and taxes paid to the correct government revenue agencies. Their salaries are in line with general accountants.

Financial Analysts: these folks mainly work with Wall Street firms analysing financial investments for clients. Most of these positions are located in New York, San Francisco and other financial cities. The average salary ranges from US$44,000 to US$140,000.

Corporate Finance Specialists: this position reviews the levels of liquidity in a company, helping upper management raise money by investing in the financial markets. The average salary of a corporate finance specialist is US$54,000.

Financial Auditors: auditors review corporate procedures and controls to ensure the firm is operating under the rule of law and conforming to government regulations. They earn an average wage of US$78,000 per year.

Budget Analysts: budget analysts help upper management control the company’s costs and impose spending limits to stay within budget. They are key to helping a firm remain profitable, and make an average salary of US$75,000 per year.