Skills In High Demand In America

Skills In High Demand In America
With unemployment at historic highs in the United States, it’s more important than ever to choose a career path that has a decent potential of providing a steady job. Gone are the days when a four-year degree in anything would land you a position with one company or another in America. These are lean times and the job market is incredibly competitive. But a handful of specific job fields are actually suffering right now from a lack of trained workers.

One way to consider the future of job growth in America is to look at sectors that foresee a lot of business in the coming years. The medical and health industry is one of the top sectors for this as the Baby Boomer generation is just now beginning to reach its golden years and will need more health care.

The best jobs to train in at the moment are highly specific fields like radiology, blood work testing and assisted living care. A skill like radiology can be mastered in just a year by enrolling at a technical college, putting you to work quicker. Health care is a field that is needed in every corner of the country, so there is always a job open for someone willing to relocate.

Another hot field right now is information technology. Computer programming skills and anything related to website design and social networking is in demand and expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Engineering and design are also expected to be big growth sectors, though these fields require more in-depth training and higher education.

Booking and accounting are both good skills to master as there is always a need for trained people to manage the books of businesses. This has traditionally been a good field of work and the prospects look very solid for continued growth throughout the next decade. You can become a trained accountant in just one or two years at a community college, and once you pass the CPA (certified public accountant) test it’s rarely hard to find a job in most cities.

As the economy continues to become more global, many companies expect a high demand in the future for marketing and sales. This is particularly true for international marketing experience, so newly arriving emigrants to America may want to consider what they can bring to the table from their native countries in terms of marketing skills.

Finally, there will always be a need for highly skilled workers in specific manufacturing and construction areas. Even a seemingly trivial job like a plumber or electrician can easily earn US$50 an hour. These kinds of people are needed in every town in America as few people are capable of doing this kind of work themselves.