Schools In America

Schools In America
Arranging the logistics of education for your children is one of the most important facets of moving to America. With both public and private schools available in most large towns, there are plenty of options for parents based around their budget and preference of education.

The vast majority of American children attend public schools. Starting with kindergarten at around age 5, children enter into the education system progressing through elementary school into middle school and finishing in high school. While education is technically compulsory in America, parents have the choice of home schooling their children providing their education themselves.

The quality of public school education in America varies widely from state to state and even district to district within each state. Every state dictates its own education requirements. In general, the state of American public education is woeful considering the resources available in the country. But being such a subjective topic, it all depends on the quality of free education where you are coming from.

Where your child will attend public school is based on the location of your home. Every town has at least one public school for each level, and you cannot choose the district where your child will attend. Parents who are concerned about the quality of public school education will need to do a lot of research to determine exactly where the best schools are currently located. In general, the wealthier cities and towns attract the best teachers and programs.

The main advantage of American public schools is that they are free, paid for by your local taxes. No student will be refused from public school as long as they meet the age requirements, residency rules and have had the proper vaccinations. The American school year begins in late August and runs until late May. Classes begin daily at around 07:30 and finish around 15:00.

Parents who have extra money to spend on their child’s education will find many private school options available in America’s larger town and cities. These elite academies are not cheap but they attract the best teachers and almost always offer the best facilities, resources and overall academic environments.

To gain entry into a private school, however, your child will have to be selected. The entrance requirements vary with each school, based on previous academic performance, social status and other factors deemed relevant by each school. Getting into the best private schools is extremely competitive, so parents should have a solid backup plan if considering this route.