Emigrating to Poland

Emigrating to Poland
If you plan to enter Poland as a business visitor, you should be aware that you will need a business visitor visa. This is unless you come from a country that has a special agreement with Poland, which will exempted you from such requirement. Foreigners can travel to the country for short periods of time for business purposes, whether they are doing this on an independent basis or on behalf of an employer abroad.

Business visitor visas are termed as business visas. Applications for these can be submitted to the Polish embassy or consulate that has a jurisdiction over your country of residence.

If you are a foreign national who intends to work in Poland, then you should first secure a work permit before engaging in any kind of employment in the country.  You can apply for a work permit whether you are taking part in an employer-employee relationship or you are an independent entrepreneur who offers services based on contractual terms.

It is also possible for your immigration status as a visitor to Poland to be converted to one of work status. However, you are not allowed to work during the processing period of your work permit application. You can only start working when your application has been approved and obtained from a Polish consulate. Citizens from countries belonging to the European Union are not required to submit to this requirement.

The work visa in Poland is termed as the Polish residence visa. This gives you the right to be employed in Poland, and it is the only type of work visa in the country.