Emigrating to Hungary

Emigrating to Hungary
If you are a foreign national who wants to migrate to Hungary, you should know that you can only be granted a residence permit in the country if you meet certain conditions.

If you have lived in Hungary for an uninterrupted period of at least 3 years and your livelihood and accommodation in the country are already guaranteed, you are already eligible for a residence permit. Furthermore, if you were given the permission to live in the country by the Ministry of Interior under special circumstances, then a residence permit will definitely be granted to you.

You should know that being away from Hungary for a maximum period of ninety days is not constituted as an interruption to the three-year requirement in getting a residence permit. There are also other exemptions to this three-year rule.

If you have a family and have applied for permanent residence for the purpose of uniting with your family, then you can be exempted from the three-year requirement. This is provided that your stay in Hungary is legal and you have been wed to a Hungarian national or a foreigner who has a valid residence or immigration permit or has been recognized in the country as a refugee. If you are a former Hungarian national and your nationality has expired or if you came from a Hungarian line, then you can also be exempted.

Residence permit applications should be submitted personally to the Regional Office of the Alien Policing Authority in Hungary. The regional office should have jurisdiction over the place where the applicant is to live once his or her application has been approved.